Year in Review

This year I participated in Project365, a photo journaling project that encourages taking a photo a day, everyday, for a year. Right now, I’m a few photos behind, but mostly I’ve managed to make it a habit.

I did wonder whether it was a bit self indulgent – my life at present is an endless round of school runs and diaper changes, so just how interesting and worthwhile is it to document?

But the value in having (almost) a year’s worth of photos dated and described — for me at least — is being able to look back at the year and remember what we did — both the monotonous and the monumental.

We had some adventures!

We met the newest and smallest member of the family

We adjusted to being a family of five (plus furry babies!)

The bigger bros learned to swim

They also got to have their own “big boy” bedroom

My five year old, his Grandad (my dad), and I went to England to visit family and friends (and “Thomas”)

We did some tweaking to the house

We said goodbye to a sweet old friend

We took in our first family baseball game

My five year old graduated preschool (pictured with his Grandfather)

We got into a few accidents (But we recovered!)

And met new friends!

Happy New Year!

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