A Half Yearling

You turned six months old today, sweet boy, and it’s hard to believe just how much you and we have changed in that short space of time.

Your Daddy and I thought we were done with bottles and 2 am feeds, and so very-nearly done with diapers. We were wrong. But we don’t mind a bit. There’s something strangely comforting about retracing our steps with onesies and walkers one more time.

We are suddenly a family of five, something I’d not thought possible a few years ago. We needed a bigger car to squeeze in all the seats, your little bucket nestled in beside your brothers.
Those brothers have been in love with you since day one. They wanted to hold you and cuddle you immediately. You were so tiny I honestly thought you might break, but they were so gentle and careful.
And as soon as you could focus your beautiful deep brown eyes, you’ve kept your sights firmly on these two noisy, fast-moving creatures that fill your world with colour and laughter. Your favourite thing is to sit in your bouncer and watch them play with toys around you. I know that as soon as you’re able, you’ll be joining in their games, running behind them as they create their constant, merry chaos.

So before that happens, I’ve tried to spend as many moments as possible just drinking in the sight of you. Maybe it’s knowing you’re (probably) my last baby. Maybe it’s knowing how lucky we are to have you. Maybe it’s just knowing how quickly the time goes.
And you are so wonderful to watch, the happiest and most cheerful of our babies. Even when you’re tired or teething, you still manage to share your golden smile, often through your expressive shrieking.

In the next six months, I am looking forward to watching you grow; to seeing you learn to sit properly so you may discover new toys; to watching you figure out crawling and then walking on your still-little feet. But today, I want to hold onto you as you are now – with your sweet, soft cheeks, and delicious baby rolls – for just a little longer.



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