The hubs and I seem to have made renovating into something of a habit. In the last eight years, we’ve owned and renovated no less than four houses. Four.

What’s even more head-scratching is that it’s not been at the sensible rate of two per year, but three in four years. Four years of also being new parents. Four years of being sleep deprived and strung out. Four years of having to child-proof through chaos.

But four great years, nonetheless. Four years where we’ve made sad, old or neglected houses bright and new again. Four years where we’ve pondered and researched, dreamed, imagined, and most of the time realized our plans.

Below are galleries of photos from three of the four renovations. I’m still looking for the “after” pictures from the fourth house, but after all this moving, I can only say for certain that I know I put them … somewhere. I’ll keep adding pictures as I find them. Or maybe even a new gallery soon, because who knows what the future holds?

Mid-century Renovation

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Acreage Renovation

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Colonial Renovation

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