Kindness and Taking the High Road


Before the hubs and I met, he had bought a little condo. The building doesn’t have a big showy lobby or a swimming pool, and the unit overlooks an uninspiring back alley. But it’s conveniently located close to the downtown and the university, and it’s just a few steps from the river valley. It’s never been worth enough to sell for what he paid for it — oh, those bachelors and their “investments”– so we’ve just kept renting it out, hoping to cover our costs (and usually missing the mark). Over the years, our renters have been a motley […]

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Yoga with Dogs


The hubs was out for the evening yesterday, so once the boys were (finally) in bed, I attempted to do a “relaxing” yoga video. I spend a lot of time reading — scholarly articles, book chapters, people magazine exclusives — so I probably should have aimed for a more rigorous workout. But with less than two weeks before my oral defense, that exam that determines whether the last eight or so years of my life have been worthwhile or not, my stress levels might just be a tad elevated. All was looking good as the puppy snoozed on the […]

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10 ways you know you’re nailing this marriage thing?

Love Fingers

1) Your spouse calls you by the wrong name on the phone. Rather than freaking out and hurling around accusations of infidelity, you both just laugh and adopt the new name as a nickname: Hi, call me Misty.  2) Your dog sees more of your naked body than your spouse. 3) Your arguments consist of reminding the other person of the last time you had that argument. 4) When you finally get a date-night, you try to go as long as possible without talking about the kids. Your record is 22 minutes. 5) Casual conversations have been replaced with planning […]

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Get a puppy, they said; it’ll be great, they said. 5 reasons they might be right. 


We’d been thinking about getting a puppy for a while. Actually, it wasn’t so much a thought per se as a constant nagging refrain uttered in the key of toddler: the kids have been asking for a puppy non-stop for roughly the last 17 weeks (or since they could talk). Anyone who’s ever had a determined kid will know that after a while, we began to think that it might be easier to just give in rather than constantly making up excuses. But all joking aside, we’d been tossing around the idea of a new dog for a few […]

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Vegan “Pantry” Pancakes – 3 ways


I love pancakes. The kids love them. The hubs loves them. They make fun, easy breakfasts — and sometimes even dinners too. They can be slathered in fruit, syrup, cream, icing sugar and chocolate sprinkles … or nothing but lemon and sugar. They can be frozen in bulk and re-heated in minutes. But usually pancakes contain eggs, which I can’t eat. So I’ve been experimenting with egg-free recipes. Some have been truly inedible from too much baking powder; others have required all kinds of weird and wonderful ingredients that I just don’t keep on hand. Eventually though, I found a […]

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Vegan Meringues


There’s been a few articles popping up in my news feed about how to make vegan meringues. At first, I thought it was a typo. Isn’t meringue egg white, sugar, and vanilla?  How could it be egg-less? Instead of egg whites, the vegan recipe uses the juice from chickpeas (sounds so appetizing, doesn’t it?). Someone’s even given this odd-smelling, yellow-y goop the pseudo-latin name aquafaba. I was pretty skeptical, but since I often make hummus for my kids, I thought rather than just dumping it down the drain, I’d give it a go. The recipe is deceptively simple: the juice from […]

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Almost … but not quite


Much as I like to think writing is a cumulative activity — the more you write, the more you keep writing — sometimes there’s so much going on that even five minutes on another project is more than you can spare. And there has been a lot too much recently. So much, in fact, that nothing seems to ever be quite done … yet. There’s been a lot of stuff with the house: We had a new roof put on the house last month — a big change from the flat roof we had before. The boys loved watching the crane lift […]

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“So good I can’t believe it’s Vegan” Apple cranberry crumble

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This year, our apple tree is already covered in fruit, so I’m looking for recipes to use all those little apples. I adapted this from a standard apple crumble recipe, using vegan margarine instead of butter. In lieu of the usual lemon juice and raisins, I used orange juice and cranberries for the filling. As you might be able to tell from the hubs’ not-so flattering name for it, it turned out pretty well, even if there’s no butter.   Recipe Filling 4-6 apples, peeled and cut into 1/4″ pieces 1/2 cup Orange juice 3 tbsp golden sugar 1 cup […]

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The Only Kids’ Behaviour I Worry About


“We have a zero screen time policy” “Formula is practically poison!” “I’d never let my child behave like that!” These are just a few of the statements I’ve overheard lately whilst trying to squeak out some writing time at various coffee houses. Most of the time, I’m pretty good at tuning out the conversations of others, but sometimes these gems just filter through. The screen time one made me laugh out loud because until he was about two and half, I would’ve given anything for my older child to sit still and watch something – anything! – on TV […]

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The mouths of babes …


I’ve been on-deadline with my thesis for a few weeks now and the latest draft is due this weekend. This means I cut a few corners to try to scrounge extra writing time. A lot of corners. So here I am, no makeup, schlumpy clothes, unwashed hair scragged back into something resembling a braid and my sweet, soulful child exclaims: “Mama! You look just like Elsa!” Elsa, his favourite character, the one whose songs he sings and actions he mimicks. I have never really understood the phrase “love is blind” until today. Thank you, little one. Linking up with:

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5 tips to help little kids at the dentist


We brush, we floss, and we don’t have sugary drinks, but still my four-year old wound up needing two fillings. After an initial consult with my regular dentist who confirmed the squishy bits I’d noticed while brushing were indeed cavities, we were referred to a paediatric dentist. I can’t say enough good things about how kind and patient the staff were. For a small child in a new, environment with people asking him to do strange things can be quite terrifying, but he actually wanted to go back for his follow up! It took us two “happy visits” before […]

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Old Bread and Shoe Sauce: a recipe

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Most Fridays, we have dinner with the hubs’ parents. Along with the usual bottle of wine, dish of hummus, and exclamations of “you didn’t have to! So much work!”, they bring a loaf of Challah. It’s a fairly dense white bread made with eggs and is usually braided and glazed, so it’s something of a work of art. The kids love it, and as soon as they see it, they start ripping into the knots, smearing them with the hummus … and completely ruining their dinner. The only problem with fresh bread is that it only lasts so long — […]

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The Renovation: Before and After


The great thing about having a lot of people over is the motivation it provides to tidy up. If it’s a few friends, I can usually let stuff slide — after all who doesn’t have piles of papers, books, a selection of Elsa costumes and the last three years’ worth of kid-crafts spread all around the kitchen? (Or is that really just me?) But when it’s a whole bunch of people — children, parents, old friends, new friends — well, the hubs and I both felt we should at least try to tackle some of the clutter. As we […]

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